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“…if God didn’t want us to masturbate he would have given us shorter arms.”


Manny Poohkiaw


My wife got this vid from an e-mail. I hope abs-cbn let this video stand. They need all the advertisement they can get.

Update 01/09/2007

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Was searching for articles on Philippine elections when I came upon this page full of pictures from the Philippines from the mid 80’s. This page will help remind people why we kicked out the Marcoses in the first place.

Crush na crush pa naman ng misis ko si doogie. 🙂

“Neil Patrick Harris is gay – and wants to quell recent reports that he had denied it.”

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Punta tayo dito


sa Presidential museum ni Erap para manood ng pelikula (Bankang papel sa dagat ng apoy)

“The museum itself features a 65-seater amphitheater which will screen Estrada’s almost 145 movies made while he was a popular actor from 1957 to 1989.”

Hindi ko alam kung maiiyak ako o matatawa.

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Ask for directions, go straight to jail. How can this happen?

“WBAL-TV 11 News I-Team reporter David Collins said Joshua Kelly and Llara Brook, of Chantilly, Va., got lost leaving an Orioles game on Saturday. Collins reported a city officer arrested them for trespassing on a public street while they were asking for directions .”

Pasko na ng pagkabuhay.  Tapos na ang bakasyon.  Bukas, pasukan na naman.  Para talagang sandali lang ang bakasyon, malingat ka lang pasukan na ulit.